RapidCue Change Log


RapidCue Web Edition Version 19.04.23  

  • Add ability for admins to view/edit user preferences
  • Fix issue with hover text on search results not properly updating under certain conditions
  • Fix issue with last submitted cue sheet incorrectly displaying original submitted version
  • Remove cuesheet resubmission link in inbox

RapidCue Web Edition Version 18.10.17  

  • New batch file submission UI for system (not company) admins
  • Add logging for auth process
  • Modify company data upload storage process

RapidCue Web Edition Version 18.08.11  

  • Correct state engine behavior issues
  • Fix cue sheet workflow search issue
  • Disable search result addition functionality where appropriate

RapidCue Web Edition Version 18.04.26  

  • Fix session pollution issue when running RapidCue in multiple tabs
  • Prevent search results from being added to unauthorized works
  • Add search results disclaimer
  • Fix Delete Cue Sheet function
  • Fix issue when editing cue sheet workflow

RapidCue Web Edition Version  

  • Auditing capture and reporting phase 2.
  • Update HTTP references to secure HTTPS
  • Fix issue with inactive company designation preventing login when other companies are active
  • Change text color to black where visibility was masked when the background was removed
  • Expand share % field input length on UI
  • Fix save permissions issue
  • Clear all fields on advanced search
  • Fix transfer issue when back button is used for navigation
  • Fix blank inbox issue after deleting cue sheet

RapidCue Web Edition Version  

  • Auditing capture and reporting phase 1.

RapidCue Web Edition Version  

  • Add episode number to details in assign cuesheet screen and horizontal scroll bar to accommodate expanded length
  • Password bug fixes: unhide password field during copy user function to fix validation workflow, rework reset workflow as validation was firing outside password reset events, add server-side validation, enable validation for implicit saves, stop password change on validation failure
  • Bug Fix: Correct inbox sort functionality when viewing another user's inbox contents
  • Bug Fix: After certain actions a user's inbox contents would disappear until it was manually refreshed; this should now be automatic
  • Optimize EP maintenance SQL

RapidCue Web Edition Version  

  • Add 'Forgot Password?' link on front page
  • Add user preferece option to force password change on next login
  • Enforce password strength criteria
  • Allow all users to reset their password
  • Administrators will no longer have access to other user passwords
  • Enable ability to reset password when user knows current password, is not inactive, and password is not expired
  • New 'inactive' user status option
  • Ability to transfer cue sheets among user inboxes
  • Administrator View – allows an administrator to access all inboxes as the administrator
  • Enhance status tooltip to display proper batch submitter
  • UI tweaks

RapidCue Web Edition Version  

  • Bug Fix - corrected decimal point issue for SHARES attribute values.

RapidCue Web Edition Version  

  • NewSearch.aspx - Implemented v1/v2 Data Delivery functionality.

RapidCue Web Edition Version  

  • CompanyDataUpload.aspx - Implemented EXCEL import functionality.

RapidCue Web Edition Version  

  • Back Office Functionality – Change SMTP in PROD.

RapidCue Web Edition Version  

  • Back Office Functionality – Improve error handling.

RapidCue Web Edition Version  

  • Email Validation – Email address containing spaces at the end cause exception. This issue is now fixed.

RapidCue Web Edition Version  

  • Cue Sheet Editor Usage Count Issue – Usage count did not match "View" report count. This issue is now fixed.

RapidCue Web Edition Version  

  • Resubmission Queue – Improve to prevent submission of cue sheet containing errors.

RapidCue Web Edition Version  

  • PDF Change – Replace "SOCIETY" with "AFFILIATION".

RapidCue Web Edition Version  

  • Add New Work Issue – Add new Work stopped working. This issue is now fixed.

RapidCue Web Edition Version  

  • Cue Sheet Comment Issue – Comments not retained and don't appear. This issue is now fixed.

RapidCue Web Edition Version  

  • Company Administrator Issue – Display incorrect Subscriber ID. This issue is now fixed.
  • Search Issue – When search using air dates in the 1900’s, for example 01/01/1999 – 12/31/1999, nothing comes up in the search results. This issue is now fixed.
  • PDF Issue – When creating International music cue sheets international characters cause text misalignment. This issue is now fixed.
  • PDF Issue – Series comments not printing. This issue is now fixed
  • Back Office Functionality – Increase Data Delivery number of Cue Sheets per zip file from 100 to 500.
  • Error Handling and Reporting – Enhanced.

RapidCue Web Edition Version  

  • Transfer Issue – Transfer Notification Emails were being sent to deleted users. Now, only active users with the preference "Receive notice of a cue sheet transfer." will receive an email for a transferred cue sheet.
  • Search Issue – When searching for cue sheets, editors with read-only permission could email a cue sheet. Editors with read-only permissions cannot email a cue sheet now.
  • Search Issue – When searching for cue sheets, some cue sheets could not be checked out/checked in due to workflow issues. Those issues are now fixed.
  • Cue Editor Issue – When the episode name was 150 characters, attempting to copy the cue sheet would result in an error. This issue is now fixed.
  • Cue Editor Issue – In special instances, an Entitled Party would end up with a role that was invalid. This issue is now fixed.
  • Back Office Functionality – The EZQ Conversion Service uses the same codebase as the website now.
  • Back Office Functionality – In certain instances, the EZQ Conversion Service would right out files to the PROs when it should not. This issue is now fixed.
  • Back Office Functionality – The Data Delivery Service was updated to use the most recent common codebase.

RapidCue Web Edition Version  

  • Transfer Issue – When selecting a series cue sheet for transfer, the option to transfer “All Submitted Cue Sheets”, now transfers submitted cue sheets that have not been previously transferred.
  • Transfer Issue – When selecting a series cue sheet for transfer, if the cue sheet has been previously submitted and transferred and the option “All Submitted Cue Sheets” is selected then only this cue sheet and other cue sheets in the series that have not been transferred are transferred. Any cue sheet in the series that was submitted then transferred and has not been re-submitted will not be transferred.
  • Transfer Issue – When selecting a series cue sheet for transfer, the transfer email is sent if the preference “Receive notice of a cue sheet transfer.” is checked. This worked for some cases but not all previously.
  • Transfer Issue – When selecting a non-series cue sheet for transfer, the transfer email is sent if the preference “Receive notice of a cue sheet transfer.” is checked.
  • Transfer Issue – General. If a transfer errors, it will not cause the entire cue sheet to be in error. We would sometimes get a message that a cue sheet had an error but then in the cue editor there was no error to highlight.
  • Inbox Issue – When submitting multiple cue sheets, if one or more of the cue sheets has an error that will not cause the process to abort. All of the selected cue sheets that have no errors will be submitted and the cue sheets with errors will be left in the inbox. If there is a cue sheet with an error, then that cue sheet will be opened up in the cue editor so that the error can be more easily identified and corrected.
  • Series Permission Issue – The drop downs for series workflow now show the correct list of users. Previously, the list would only show administrators and users with “Series Create” or “Series Create/Revise”. We are not sure how those permissions were chosen.
  • Search Issue – When searching, there were cases where Production Number would not be returned but the screen expected production number. This would cause the screen to return no search results (rather than displaying an error). Those cases have been fixed.

RapidCue Web Edition Version  

  • Fixed the preferences for "Receive notice of a cue sheet transfer" and "Receive notice of a workflow receipt" to not send the emails when unchecked.

RapidCue Web Edition Version  

  • When emailing cue sheets, the episode number is part of the pdf file name

RapidCue Web Edition Version  

  • Added functionality to manage PRO companies and associations
  • Refactored code to allow for web/batch integration
  • Added the following fields to the database or increased the size of existing fields, which will be exposed on the web in upcoming releases
  • Program - Air Time
  • Program - Station Count
  • Program - EIDR
  • Program - ISAN
  • Program - Version
  • Program - Main Composer Name
  • Program - MC IPI Name Number
  • Program - Production Number
  • Comments - Sequence Number
  • Comments - Print on Preview
  • Cue - Sync Use Licensor
  • Cue - Sync Use Indicator
  • Cue - Sync License Expiration
  • Cue - Master Use Licensor
  • Cue - Master Use Indicator
  • Cue - Master License Expiration
  • Cue - Artist
  • Cue - Label
  • Cue - Starting Time Code
  • Cue - Ending Time Code
  • Cue - Credits
  • Work - Sync License Expiration
  • Work - Master License Expiration
  • Work - Artist
  • Work - ASCAP Work ID
  • Work - BMI Work ID
  • Work - Locked
  • Work - Work Name
  • Work - Work Name Swept
  • EP - ASCAP Participant ID
  • EP - BMI Participant ID
  • EP - Locked
  • EP - Company Name
  • EP - Company Name Swept
  • EP - ISNI Number
  • Work Name - Print This AKA on Preview
  • Work Name - Language Code
  • EP Name - Print This AKA on Preview
  • EP Name - Language Code
  • Episode Name - Print This AKA on Preview
  • Production Name - Print This AKA on Preview
  • Company - PDF File Name Spec
  • Company - Submission Email
  • Company - Display Revised in Subject
  • Company - Prevent Check-In w/Errors
  • Series - Production Number
  • Series - PDF File Name Spec
  • Series - Submission Email
  • Series - Display Revised in Subject
  • Series - Prevent Check-In w/Errors
  • Series - Prepared By
  • Series Name - Print This AKA on Preview

RapidCue Web Edition Version  

Screen / Area

Description of Changes


All screens widened to reflect the new 1024 x 786 minimum screen size.


Supported browsers now include IE, FireFox,Chrome, Safari and Opera; Netscape is no longer supported.


All cue sheet emails have the subject line format "Series Name; Episode Name (Episode Number)".


Record IDs now displayed on most screens to differentiate duplicate names.


Large results grids have row numbers, and will maintain their scroll positions when returning to those screens.


Works and EPs now display "Submitted" flag in Edit and Maintenance screens.


Cannot submit cue sheets flagged as a Template.


Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V (the Copy and Paste keys) now work correctly in Firefox.


The web server session time-out has been increased.




Can select and Preview multiple Cue Sheets.


A more detailed message is shown when you are about to delete cue sheet.


Can email multiple PDF cue sheets from the Inbox; can also send a copy to yourself.


When creating a new Episode, you can only see Series names for which you have Create permission.



Program Editor

No default value for Original Air Date Year.


Can now import only a specified range of cues from a cue sheet. Message displays the number of cues that were imported.



Work Editor

Added buttons to move Works up and down in the cue sheet; fixed bug that prevented moving the last cue up one position.


When updating a Work name, if you find and select a Duplicate Work, that duplicate work now correctly replaces the original work in the cue sheet.


Can now search for Works by EP as well as Name.


Fixed bug that permitted users to revise a Work that had been submitted on a previous cue sheet when they did not have this permission; Submitted status now displayed.


Work search results sorted by newest Work when there are duplicate names.


Auto-resubmit checkbox re-labeled to "Send affected cue sheets to resubmit folder".



EP Editor

Added buttons to move EPs up and down in the cue sheet; added Sequence Number so that you can also re-number manually.


Fixed bug that permitted users to revise an EP that had been submitted on a previous cue sheet when they did not have this permission; Submitted status now displayed.


EP search results sorted by newest EP when there are duplicate names.


Writer / Publisher radio buttons are larger, and clicking them should not change the cursor focus in the edit fields.


The "Last Added Publisher" is saved while editing, and a new button will add this publisher to the current Title.




Can select and Preview multiple Cue Sheets.


Can email multiple cue sheets from the Search Screen; can also send a copy to yourself.


When viewing the Production Name as a dropdown, you will only see the Series names for which you have Read permission.


When using the Series Name dropdown, the results will exactly match the selected Series Name (previously did a "starts with" match).


Can search by logo (Advanced tab).


Mouseover now displays the correct Submitted Date.


Can now search for names starting with the "@" symbol.




Added Series Comments and Total Music Duration. If Part Number is blank, that label is not displayed.



Submission Rpt

Revised heading format; added a cue count. Added an "Export to Excel" button.




Added Preference to "Display Cue Sheet on Submission". If selected, when submitting a cue sheet from the Inbox or Search Screen, the cue sheet Preview screen will automatically be displayed.




Can upload and maintain your company logos.



Series Maintenance

Prevents entry of duplicate AKA names for a Series.



User Maintenance

Cannot delete a user if there are cue sheets in their Inbox.


Displays the user's last login date.




List of potential workflow users now filtered by permissions.



Data Delivery

Large requests are broken into multiple files and emails so that the process does not error out.



RapidCue Web Edition Version 2.3a.4  

  • In the Search page, when sorting by Air Date, changed the sorting order to sort desending
  • Fixed bugs in Workflow Ovrride page. The "Assisng Cue Sheet" user list was displaying users incorrectly. This has been fixed to display only users with edit permissions.

RapidCue Web Edition Version 2.3a.3  

  • Fixed auto-resubmission screen to clear submitted cue sheets from list.
  • Changed label "Name #" and "Base #" to "IPI Name #" and "IPI Base #"
  • Fixed "Split % Evently" logic when work is a public domain
  • Fixed bug in the search screen where searching by producers/distributors return no result
  • Fixed cue resequencing problem where moving cue to the last sequence resulted in cue moved to the second to last sequence

RapidCue Web Edition Version 2.3a.2  

  • Added "Terms Of Service" language to Login page
  • Fixed tooltip problem when web page is longer than one page
  • Fixed preview problem where the system did not auto-saved data when clicking Preview button from the cue editor screen
  • Fixed Advance search bug where searching for Author last name returned no result
  • Fixed Advance search bug where error occured when order the result by "status"

RapidCue Web Edition Version 2.3a.1  

  • Fixed bug where in the series permissions screen, read-only was not exclusive

RapidCue Web Edition Version 2.3a  

  • Added "Production Number" to Search Criteria
  • Added "Production Number" Column to Search results
  • Changed "Sort By" Drop down to include both EPN and Production Number
  • Added "Back" button to Cue Sheet import
  • Updated Header to Reflect if in Import or Search Mode
  • Corrected Menu Click resetting import page to "Search" mode
  • Added message below grid for Cue Sheet Request success or error
  • Enable "Preview" button for selected cuesheet in import mode Fixed
  • Corrected "Preview" Issue on Cuesheets
  • Added import cue sheets to Cue Sheet Edit Page
  • Added remove cue range to Cue Sheet Edit Page
  • Added Cue Sheet Data Request To Search Page
  • Added Cue Sheet Data Request Security
  • Added Administrator Data Request Permissions Option
  • Corrected Select Check Box Display Issue
  • Added "Select All" checkbox to Search Page
  • Corrected the search issue with an article ("The", etc)
  • Corrected the IP order in the Preview tool tip in Works search
  • Corrected the Cue Sheet Preview functionality on the following pages:
    • Edit Program
    • Cue Sheet Search
    • IP Usage View
  • Corrected menu centering issue on the Program Edit Page
  • Corrected some display issues with Fire Fox web browser
  • Corrected the Cue Sheet Search Sorting functionality
  • Corrected transfer all episodes issue.

RapidCue Web Edition Version 2.3.4  

  • Fixed preview problem

RapidCue Web Edition Version 2.3.3  

  • Fixed preview problem where action codes were not displayed properly

RapidCue Web Edition Version 2.3.2  

  • Fixed problem with "Copy and Checkout". The episode comments weren't being copied to the revised cue sheet.
  • Fixed submission problem where a transfer is set up

RapidCue Web Edition Version 2.3.1  

  • Added air date, duration, and total duration to Work Usage Report
  • Added sequence number to the inbox
  • Added filtering capability to the auto resubmission page
  • Added "Split % Evenly" and "Zero out Share" to work maintenance editor page
  • Added new preference type called "Remeber selected cue sheets". If this value is checked, the program will automatically selected cue sheets that were previously selected when returning to the inbox page.
  • Added the implicit save to the “Go Back to the search page” button in the work maintenance editor page
  • Fixed various permissions problems
  • Fixed the “Copy Episode” so that the program allows saving duplicate episode name in the cue editor page
  • Fixed the submission report page to allow typing in the "From Date" textbox

RapidCue Web Edition Version 2.3.0  

  • Replaced Infragistic menus with Javascript menus.
  • Replaced Infragistic Calendar with Javascript calendar in the Submission report page.
  • Replaced Infragistic grid with HTML table on the following pages:
    • Inbox
    • New Episode
    • User Adminstration
    • Series Permission
    • Series Workflow
    • Cue Sheet Permission
    • Cue Sheet Workflow
    • Transfer History
  • Removed series workflow and cue sheet workflow functionality from User Adminstration module to its own module.
  • Removed "Offline Lock" page
  • Added "Notify" button to the User Adminstration page to send out username/password to users.
  • Added cue usage/theme/description validation to the cue editor page.
  • Fixed the "Auto-Allocate" bug in the IP editor page so that the system would not allocate share percent to adminstrators.
  • Fixed the dropdownlist sizing problem in the Episode maintenace page.

RapidCue Web Edition Version 2.2.6  

  • Corrected an issue where Non-Series permissions were not being checked when cuesheet level permissions were assigned to a program. This would cause an access denied error for all non-series cuesheets.
  • Added some text sweep routines to input fields for Cue titles and EPs to prevent ASCII apostrophes from corrupting input data.
  • The affiliation dropdown now selects the appropriate society when entering the first letter.
  • Works maintenance was returning duplicate records- fixed.
  • Preferences for "Display Action Codes" and "Display 'DRAFT' Notice" are now "Disable display of action codes" and "Disable display of 'DRAFT' Notice" which are unchecked by default
  • Added security user permission to enable/disable ability to set preference for draft notice and action codes

RapidCue Web Edition Version 2.2.5  

  • New ChangeLog
  • New homepage which is much quicker to load
  • RapidCue will now prevent you from submitting a cue sheet whose episode name starts with [COPY OF] (was already working from inbox but not from the editor screen)
  • Attempted submission from the inbox of a cue sheet whose program title starts with [Copy Of] now takes the user to the program editor and highlights the error.
  • XML spec updated; cut number is now alphanumeric.
  • Cuesheet Transfer now works properly for "all/future episodes" option
  • Last name is automatically highlighted when adding EPs from the work maintenance screen.
  • On the work maintenance search screen, the EP list displayed in the mouseover now has the same order other screens do.
  • Added new preferences on the preferences screen: "Display Action Codes" and "Display 'DRAFT' Notice". This affects the cue sheet previews and allows the user to enable or display these items.
  • New Permission called "Read-Only - Submitted" added, allows user to only view submitted cue sheets, not cue sheets in Draft or Revision mode (regular read-only permission was renamed to read-only all)
  • Affiliation dropdown lists now have the most used societies listed first
  • Added a new button to the EP Editor Screen: "Split % Evenly", splits shares evenly among publishers and writers, renamed "Default %" button to "Allocate Remaining"
  • "Submitted" statuses no longer show up when searching for "checked in" or "checked out" cue sheets
  • Search screen now has the option to search by category
  • The upper-left corner breadcrumb info now indicates the dev or test environment
  • Search screen now contains the correct information in the upper-left corner of screen (breadcrumb info)
  • Added new series categories: "Magazine News", "Entertainment News", and "Reality"
  • Added a button to the Series Maintenance screen to apply a logo to all episodes
  • Renamed "Title" to "Cue Title" in Cue Editor
  • Renamed "Title" to "Production Title" in Program Editor
  • Added mouseover tips to "Duplicate Work" and "Copy Cue Info" buttons on the Work and EP Editor Screens
  • Internal Administration: Added screen to easily change start page messages
  • Adjusted the Checkout function so that the revision indicator would be properly set on checkout
  • Changed the logic on the Status hover so that the Workflow date would be taken on 'Checked In' instead of the Last Submit Date
  • Fixed a query problem when looking up AKAs on a search that returned no initial results
  • Fixed an issue where a delete from inbox would report successful when the cuesheet wasn't actually deleted.
  • Corrected an issue where the wrong Production Type was not being set on a Copy function from the search screen.
  • Corrected a javascript issue that was creating problems with the Advanced Merges for Works and Participants

RapidCue Web Edition Version 2.2.4  

  • Fixed a paging issue where episode AKAs would throw off the page count, hiding the 'Next Page' button.
  • Added asterisks to production and episode names that have AKAs.
  • Fix for Episode AKAs being lost when Cuesheets are checked out.
  • Fix for AKA hover on search screen when there is a single quote in the AKA name.
  • Adjusted the logic when searching for episode numbers that have the same From and To values.

RapidCue Web Edition Version 2.2.3  

  • This release fixes a minor bug where cuesheets that contained certain errors could be submitted.

RapidCue Web Edition Version 2.2.2  

  • This release fixes a minor bug where the cue comments where not copied when a non-series cue sheet was checked out.

RapidCue Web Edition Version 2.2.1  

  • This release fixes a minor bug that prevented a non-series cue sheet from being submittted if it had any previous transfer history

RapidCue Web Edition Version 2.2.0  

  • This release contains major changes to the Cue Sheet Search Screen, and also contains a few other minor changes and bug fixes. See the Proposed 2.2 Specifications Document for full details

RapidCue Web Edition Version 2.1.3  

  • Corrections to the "Remove from Auto-Resubmit" feature
  • Timeouts have been set to 30 minutes

RapidCue Web Edition Version 2.1.2  

  • Display full tree is now the default. If the user wants to see the short tree they must enable it in their preferences
  • Display Full Tree checkbox fixed to display correctly after "Duplicate Works were found in your database" list appears.
  • "Duplicate Works were found in your database" fixed to not show duplicates. If it appears that duplicates are in the list, mouse over the title and look at the tool tip.
  • When changing an entitled party name produces a duplicate warning, the options given will be "Make change anyway" or "Click to Use an Existing Entitled Party From The List Below".
  • EP maintenance screen and Works maintenance screens search fields no longer will pre-populate with the search values from other screens.
  • Corrected a permission error when setting up permissions
  • Auto re-submit of works and eps now works correctly.

RapidCue Web Edition Version 2.1.1  

  • Added 'Lyricless Vocals' to the Description drop down in the cue sheet editor. This is used for choral "la la la / ooh aah" type vocals that are distinguishable but not lyrics /words.

RapidCue Web Edition Version 2.1.0  

  • Work and EP Maintenance. Directly edit Work and EP information, outside of any cue sheet. Completely delete Works and EPs from the database
  • Work and EP Duplicate Resolution. Find and merge separate Work and EP records into one record, throughout the system
  • Unused Work and EP Removal. Detect and remove unused Work and EP records from the system
  • Work and EP "Quick Fix" Options. When editting a cue sheet, you can quickly make changes to unrelated Works or EPs that you notice are incorrect, and then return back to your cue sheet
  • Auto-Resubmit Functionality. When changes are made to existing Works or EPs, all of their corresponding cue sheets are automatically tracked and made available for re-submission through the new Auto Resubmission page

RapidCue Web Edition Version 2.0.7  

  • The "Copy Cue Info" function which currently exists in the cue editor has also been added to the search results grid as enhanced functionality. You can now perform "Copy Cue Info" without having to add a song to your cue sheet. The "Copy Cue Info" will copy all cue and interested party information to a new cue at the end of the cue sheet, where the work name may be entered so that cues that have similar information can be created quickly

RapidCue Web Edition Version 2.0.6  

  • The Transfer problem has been fixed. The system will no longer create duplicate cue sheets upon transfer
  • Duplicated cue sheets have been removed
  • The caption of one of the radio buttons on the transfer screen has been changed from "All Episode" to "All Future Episode" when coming in from the cue editor. The caption remains the same if coming in from the Search screen

RapidCue Web Edition Version 2.0.5  

  • Works created with the "Copy Cue Info" feature would be flagged prematurely as submitted, preventing customers that did not have work revision rights from making updates to the work

RapidCue Web Edition Version 2.0.4  

  • An issue with implicit save not automatically saving usage, theme or description has been corrected
  • An issue with the cue sheet preview not displaying Production / Distributor correctly in some cases has been corrected
  • Music Content was defaulting to "No". It now defaults to "Yes".
  • The restriction that the series duration must be greater than zero has been removed. The requirement is to have the duration on the actual episode/show
  • Searches for Entitled Parties with punctuation at the end (e.g., a period) now works properly

RapidCue Web Edition Version 2.0.3  

  • The system now consistently displays Public Domain affiliations as PD (rather than DP).
  • The system no longer performs an unnecesary and time-consuming global database search when an entitled party is selected (was happening in some situations).

RapidCue Web Edition Version 2.0.2  

  • Cue song search results are now maintained until the next search

RapidCue Web Edition Version 2.0.1  

  • The system displays “No record found” when searches (title and EP) return no result
  • When a duplicate work is entered, and the warning screen appears, the button that used to say "Update using this name" now says "Add this as a new work"
  • When you preview a cue sheet, the currently selected item remains highlighted
  • Saving series’ logo issue - the series logo now updates
  • Users can now preview cue sheets if they have read-only security

RapidCue Web Edition Version 2.0.0  

  • Duplicate Checking – In RapidCue, searching in your database means you can easily re-use existing songs and entitled parties with a single click. To help reduce the creation of duplicate songs and entitled parties, we have added duplicate checking
  • Global Update Warnings – Changes affecting Songs or Entitled Parties that have been used elsewhere now prompt the user as a warning
  • Consolidated Tree – The navigation tree now has a more consolidated and compact look and feel, making it easier and quicker to view large cue sheets. The handy “go to cue” option provides a new way to navigate more efficiently
  • Performance Improvements – The system has gone through a major overhaul so that all functions perform more quickly. We hope you like the difference!